Call for Papers

" Building Resilience: Dialogue, Collaboration and Partnerships across Our Differences "

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) along with the Bridgewater State University proudly present The 3rd World Conference on Women’s Studies – WCWS 2017 from 4th – 6th May 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the theme “Building Resilience: Dialogue, Collaboration and Partnerships across Our Differences”. This theme does not imply that we overlook, deny or undermine the important differences that characterize us and shape our lives and interests. However, it does suggest that to build women’s movements that are truly global in character, we must build inclusive coalitions that broaden mutual awareness both by seeking commonalities across our differences and by learning from one another’s unique circumstances. In addition, we must be inclusive of our male and transgender allies, and we hope to encourage scholars, activists, academicians, students, and policymakers to learn from one another recognizing how historical power dynamics across class, ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender and nationality can be bridged. Because the vibrant field of Women’s Studies spans the humanities, social, natural and physical sciences, panels will include papers from across the disciplines.

Building on the valuable feedback from the WCWS 2016, the WCWS 2017 will offer increased opportunities for discussion within conference sessions, networking and conceiving platforms for action.

Please submit the abstracts of your research papers according to the given format on or before 09th February 2017.

All abstracts will undergo a double blind peer reviewing process by world recognized International reviewers. All authors of the accepted presentations should register before 13th April 2017 to be eligible to be able to present at the conference. We recommend that you register early and reserve your seat for this global gathering.

We also would like to encourage opportunities for publishing your conference papers. As with WCWS 2016, the Journal of International Women’s Studies (JIWS) will publish selected proceedings from the conference. Participants can also choose to publish your papers in supporting journals (research papers will follow conventional processes of selection by the editorial board of relevant journal) or in the TIIKM conference proceedings, which includes a DOI number and Indexing.

We welcome you to submit a presentation proposal either for a 20-minute oral presentation or a poster presentation. Parallel sessions are loosely grouped into streams reflecting overlapping themes or disciplines. Each stream also has its own talking circle. For those unable to attend the Conference in person, virtual participation is also available.

WCWS 2017 welcomes your papers which are framed according to following tracks (But not limited to),

• Self-Identity & Society
• Gender, Race and Class
• Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
• Underrepresented Women Groups- GLBTI Groups and Persons with Disabilities
• Feminist Pedagogies
• Women in Literature
• Feminist Science Studies
• Sociology of Gender
• Psychology of Women
• Women in European History
• Women in American History
• Women in Asian History
• Women in World History
• Women and Peace in South Asia
• Women and Migration Patterns
• Women and the Environment
• Women's Movements and Activism
• Gender, Culture and Representation
• Women, Relationships and Social Policy
• The Politics of Gender and Food
• Women, Violence and Victimization
• Processes for Women’s Networking and Organizing
• Women Empowerment and Agency
• Strategies for Building Allies
• Sex, Race and Popular Culture
• Women's Sexuality and the Body
• Gender, Science and Technology
• Women and Work
• Women, Development and Global Economy
• Gender and Development
• Gender and Transnational Economies
• Women, Law and Policy
• Sex, Power and Politics
• Reproductive Rights and Justice
• Rhetoric and Women’s Rights
• Gender, War and Peace
• Women and Violence
Abstract submission deadline : 15th March 2017

You are invited to send your abstract for ORAL, POSTER and VIRTUAL selection.

Submission deadline: 15th February 2017 Submit your research paper to

Make sure you submit your abstracts only at on or before the 15th February 2017. If accepted by the reviewing committee, your research findings are entitled to all modes of Oral, Poster or Virtual presentations.

View Abstract guidelines  All the manuscripts will be published electronically with ISSN in proceedings with a DOI number. Selected manuscripts will be published in conference supporting journals for free of charge. All full papers will be under double-blind review. Publication opportunity

If you wish to be a presenter at WCWS 2017, reserve your slot now!