Conference Objectives

Women around the world are speaking up and stepping forward in their millions, calling out the injustice they experience every day. These movements are changing conversations, changing culture, and changing laws. And it’s critical that the girls and women hit hardest by gender inequality – those living in extreme poverty – are not left behind. A global feminism that transcends narrow national, cultural, religious and social boundaries is crucial. The primary objective of WCWS 2019 is to bring together women activists, researchers, academicians, journalists, policy makers, influencers and members from non-governmental organizations to address key challenges and issues of women.

Other than the main objective the 5th World Conference on Women Studies 2019 (WCWS 2019) is designed for the career development of all the participants in many ways. The WCWS 2019 conference has been designed by the TIIKM Research and Development team together with many experts of the field of Education including Best Researchers, Education Scientists, Industry Experts, policymakers and many government sectors, women activists and many more related experts.

There are unique features of the conference i.e. Panel Discussions, Publication Workshop, Conference Chair Workshop, Storytelling sessions, Networking Opportunities along with the highest grade of publication opportunities. Therefore, the conference will provide a key platform for the development of researchers with international and diversified knowledge and experiences, enhancing the quality decision making of policymakers and promoting the highest utilization of research knowledge. Eventually, the participants will be able to experience for productive and efficient product development in the industry as well as in the corporate sector.

Overall the Future of Education 2019 is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality and the conference will be a significant part of achieving SDG’s to make our earth a better place for everyone.

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