Online Registration


Guidelines to select the registration fee

  • If you are Oral Presenter or as a Poster presenter you should register as a delegate/student.
  • If you are a listener you should register as an attendee.
  • The registration fee is based on your citizenship, not nationality.

Please go through the following table before you register. We have structured a comprehensive price table for providing you with the best returns from the conference. If you are unsure about the category you belong to please contact our organizing committee for more details.

Registration Fee Table - Physically
Physical Participants

Extended Early Bird Payment Deadline

23rd February 2023

Final Payment Deadline

Limited Slots Available


Conference Days


USD 480
USD 510
USD 540
USD 460
USD 490
USD 520
Group (Delegate)
USD 460
USD 490
USD 520
Group (Student)
USD 440
USD 470
USD 500


USD 460
USD 480
USD 510
USD 440
USD 460
USD 490


USD 430
USD 450
USD 480
USD 410
USD 430
USD 460
Registration Fee Table - Virtually
Virtual Participants

Extended Early Bird Payment Deadline

23rd February 2023

Final Payment Deadline

Limited Slots Available


USD 250
USD 275
USD 230
USD 250
Group (Delegate)
USD 220
USD 240
Group (Student)
USD 210
USD 225


USD 230
USD 250
USD 190
USD 215


USD 100
USD 120
USD 80
USD 100


Group, Co-authors and Discount

You are eligible for discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 5 persons and/or more or a co-author of a paper presentation. If your group comprises of more than 10 people please contact our organizing committee for higher percentage on the discount rate. If you are presenting more than one paper, The Author can present only three papers in maximum. If you are presenting more than one paper at the conference;
  • You have to pay the full amount for the first paper.
  • If other papers are oral or poster, then you have to pay additional 100 USD for each paper.
  • Confirmation on the number of papers should be given to the Conference Secretary two weeks prior to the final payment deadline.
  • If you have more than 3 papers, the additional paper can be presented by another group of Co – Authors on full registration.


Participants at WCWS 2023 will have the opportunity to take part in one of the most dynamic conference experiences in the field, with many opportunities specially designed by the Conference Committee Members. All conference sessions are designed to deliver the high quality service to participants while ensuring their objectives are met with the higher level of academic praxis.



Exclusive Benefits for Physical Participants

High Quality and Sustainable Conference Materials with Excellent Conference Experience

TIIKM as a premier conference organizer in Sri Lanka is dedicated to making your conference experience memorable and informative with skillsets that you can apply in your own practice as a professional. In having great speakers and a novel venue, we turn a learning opportunity into something participants are bound to remember and implement in their careers. In making your research journey notable, we have arranged a sustainable conference kit reducing the paper usage in order to minimize unnecessary use and waste.

  • Magazine Book with Conference Program (Soft Copy)
  • Abstract Book (Soft Copy)
  • Conference ID

Research Presentation and Evaluation

Presenting at a conference can be an overwhelming process. Researchers are there to support and learn about your new and innovative research. Attendance size of your session may vary, however, your audience will benefit from your epistemological stance and research and informative presentation you will facilitate. To this end, will provide you with the latest presentation methodologies.

On this special day, international experts from our evaluation panel will add supplementary feedback, which adds value to your work. They will evaluate your paper. The panel will provide constructive feedback on your research and presentation. The Q&A session at the end of your presentation will be a collaborative opportunity for you to engage with other participants and receive their feedback.

  • 20 minutes for an oral presentation
  • Technical support
  • Engage with an international audience during Q&A
  • Evaluated by panel of experts
  • Constructive feedback to Improve your research
  • Eligibility for the awards
  • Certificate for the presentation

Pre-Conference Abstract Reviewing Process

Our Scientific Committee consists of qualified experts and scholars. The conference operates under the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). We rely on effective peer review processes to uphold the quality, validity and necessary feedback for authors, and to propose a possibility to receive new skills and knowledge for academic and professional growth.

Review your abstract

  • According to the COPE
  • By the International Committee of Experts
  • Gain feedback
  • Improve your research

Certification, Awards, and Recognition

To recognize your scholarly endeavors, we have arranged certificates as well as awards during the Awarding Ceremony of the conference. Awards are delivered to the most outstanding researchers of the conference and it provides the opportunity for acknowledgement. If you are unable to attend, please make sure to collect your participation certificate from one of our Organizing Committee Members.

  • Session’s Best Awards
  • Best Poster Presenter Awards
  • Best Overall Presenter Awards

Keynote Forum, Session Discussions and Plenary Talks

WCWS 2023 will be offering special events aiming at your personal, professional growth and development through a series of targeted and interactive Thematic Sessions, Keynote Forum and Plenary talks. These features are specially designed by the TIIKM Organizing Committee together with the committee of internally recognized experts from universities and entities from around the world.

  • Thematic Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Panel Discussions/ Forums
  • Keynote Forum
  • Plenary Talks

Personal Guidance and Individual Professional Assistance

Our experts' committee is ready to attend to your concerns prior, during and after the conference. If you need any assistance in regards to your research, career growth, collaborations, feel free to reach us out at the inquiry table during the conference. We are dedicated to meet with you and connect you with the right resource person who can be of assistance.

  • Professional assistance throughout the conference
  • Pre and Post Conference guidance
  • Opportunity to meet the right resource person

Conference Meals

The Organizing Committee of WCWS 2023 ensures to boost you with delightful meals during the conference. We have healthy options for everyone with international standard menu items. Whether you are a vegetarian or non – vegetarian, our networking dinner is designed for you to eat well, relax and recharge. Networking and sharing your ideas and experiences may arise during mealtime, which is an excellent way to collaborate and develop some out-of-conference activities with like-minded peers during lunch. In the meantime, coffee breaks will also provide you with the opportunity to network and enjoy energizing snacks.

  • 2 Morning Refreshments
  • 2 Evening Refreshments
  • 2 Lunches
  • Networking Dinner (Optional)

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

The conference offers you the opportunity to meet and network with other peers from around the world while enjoying food and drinks. Meaningful, career-enhancing, one-on-one connections are a major part of what makes attending this conference so valuable.

  • Meet 120+ international delegates
  • Variety from 30+ countries
  • One to one meetings
  • Special social events
  • Meet ups during coffee break and lunch
  • WhatsApp network

Post Conference Publication Benefits

WCWS 2023 provides a wide range of quality publications that make the exchange of technical knowledge and information possible. The TIIKM publication division is devoted to overseeing and addressing your concerns pertaining to publication at any time. You will receive an answer within 24 hours regarding your inquiry. We provide you with the opportunity to publish your paper with well-known journals and conference proceedings will be facilitated by superior publication procedures.

  • High Ranked Supporting Journals
  • Quality Reviews for Proceedings
  • Open Access for Proceedings with OJS
  • Advance Metrics with PlumX
  • Free Preliminary Review Support for Full Papers
  • Expert guidance with workshops

Personalized Guidance

Post Conference Blogs and Conference Report Publication

Please do not hesitate in reaching out to us for a comprehensive conference report, where you will find the conference summary. The report consists of all the conference features (Chair/s speech, Keynote Forum, Plenary Sessions, Technical Sessions, Poster Sessions, Special Features, etc.). A series of blog articles will be shared through our TIIKM Blog. Feel free to share our posts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media networks you find useful!

  • Post Conference Reports
  • Post Conference Blogs

Additional Services as Tours and Accommodation with Good Rates and Standard

WCWS 2023 will provide participants a wonderful opportunity to extend their stay and discover beautiful places in Thailand. Participants are offered a range of travel itineraries by Globeenjoy Tours that vary from an extended stay in Thailand to special discounted rates, as well as the opportunity to create personalized itineraries upon request. Globeenjoy Tours will be available at any time for more information and for booking, but pre-booking before the Conference is recommended.

  • Special Discounted Rates for hotels and tours
  • Tailor- made tours

Conference Photos and Video Coverage to Increase Your Memories in the Digital World

The photos and video coverage will be provided throughout the conference by TIIKM. Photos will be uploaded from periodically on the special albums folder created on TIIKM Official Facebook Page. In order to keep high quality photos and memories, QR codes of original photo albums will be displayed during the conference. We encourage you to download them and share them among your networks.

  • Photos and Video Coverage
  • Special Conference Photo Album

Payment Methods for the Participants of the 9th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2023

Please adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the Dates of Importance

Both Oral Presenters and Non-Presenters/Listeners are required to register and pay their Registration Fee before the final registration deadline.

  • Extended Early bird payment deadline

    23rd February 2023

  • Final Payment Deadline

    Limited Slots Available

Available payment methods

There are Two payment options available for the The 9th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2023 (WCWS 2023). You can pay your registration fee through,
  1. Online Payment (Using Credit/Debit Card)
  2. Bank Transfer (TT)
Before making the payment for the conference using any of the above methods, please Register Online and select your Registration Fee.

Online payment system is the fastest and easiest method to pay your Registration Fee and we recommend you to follow this method. The guidelines for the online payment system is as follows,

Steps to follow when you pay your Registration Fee Online,

Step 1 – Online Registration

Invoice and the link for the payment (Once you registered for the conference, you will be receiving an email with the invoice and customized link. You can make the payment online using the link)

Step 2 – Click the link

Step 3 – TIIKM Pay Crop / Appear online payment form

Enter your registration fee as per the invoice you received. Online payment system (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) requires to add an extra of 4% from the applicable registration fee as bank service charges. When you are ready make the online payment this 4% will be automatically added to the applicable registration fee.

Step 4 – Bank Payment portal

You are required to pay the total amount appears in the screen. It includes the bank service charges as well.


Sometime you may try to pay via this method and could fail.

It usually happens due to the security process of the banks and you need to activate the card for foreign transactions.

If so follow the below procedure to ensure that the money will be transferred duly;

1) Inform your card holding bank that your payment failed.

2) Inform the bank that you wish to perform an international payment through your card and request them to allow/ verify your card for international payments.

3) Confirm that the card has been verified and continue with the payment.

4) After you get the notification that the payment transaction was completed successfully, send a copy of the receipt for our reference.

You can pay your registration fee through a bank transfer as per given information below,


For Foreign Participants

BANK NAMEHatton National Bank
479, T. B. Jayah Mawatha (Darley Road),
P.O. Box 837,
Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
BENEFICIARY The International Institute of Knowledge Management (Pvt) Ltd
ADDRESS OF BENEFICIARY#531/18, Kotte Road, Pitakotte, 10100, Sri Lanka.
ACCOUNT NUMBER077910146135


The conference secretariat should receive the exact amount of registration fees. If not, the participant has to pay the balance due at the registration desk.
Therefore, the participant has to add US$ 5-10 for the international transaction cost. Any addition received will be reimbursed at the Registration Desk.


For Sri Lankan Participants

BANK NAMEHatton National Bank
BENEFICIARY The International Institute of Knowledge Management (Pvt) Ltd
ACCOUNT NUMBER077010016840